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Story: Fathers

Fathers the Book

"Fathers" is the illustrated memoir of my childhood and parts of my parents' youth as well. It combines my relationship with my biological Dad (a Lutheran Minister who died when I was ten); my stepfather (a gruff and distant German immigrant); an abusive older neighbor, God, and a few good male mentors along the way. The story also includes my stepfather's experience as a German child in Germany during World War II. The storyline takes various turns and digressions but glues together with the main theme of family relations. Because of themes in this story I recommend it for age 13 and up. 

I have always enjoyed telling stories in graphic form. I was privileged to study comics at the University of Missouri under Frank Stack, the underground comics pioneer (and illustrator of "Our Cancer Year" by Harvey Pekar.) I am currently working on a new sci-fi story about climbing mountains and making good choices; you can follow the development of this book on Instagram with hashtag #lifeonvaros . Here are some other short things I have written:

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