Jennifer Bunge gets her inspiration from the rural Canadian prairie of her childhood and the suburban cityscape of her youth. She has always lived inland but is especially inspired by the mystery of the sea. Bunge is also inspired by bold and dramatic artists from the past and present; her influences include comic book artist Herge and the cleverly simple German Expressionist Karl Schmidt-Rotluff. She is thankful to have studied under the underground comics pioneer Frank Stack and satirical American printmaker Tom Huck. Her artwork explores real and imagined landscape, themes of faith and distraction, and topics of motherhood and parenting.


Artist / Personal Statement

I enjoy work in watercolor, acrylic, and a variety of other media to make art that represents the world and how I see it. Expressionist landscapes, fanciful imaginary scenes, social commentary, faith, and topics of parenting are themes which continually emerge in my work.  I am interested in connecting and developing these themes in new and different ways. While my subjects may be diverse, the constants in my paintings are dramatic color contrasts and vibrant hues, influenced by German Expressionist paintings and woodcuts, and by Comic Book art.

My approach to art has been inspired by two exceptional books: Art in Action by Nicholas Wolterstorff and Liturgy as a Way of Life by Bruce Ellis Benson. Wolterstorff's principles in making art include: responsibility and mindfulness while choosing what art to make and why; integrating art into life and my belief system; realizing that, while art in itself cannot provide the meaning of human existence, my art can be a service to myself, others, and to God. Wolterstorff labels the act of experiencing art as aesthetic contemplation. This view interests me as I follow my own collection of themes because my aim in making art is to produce something new and worthy of aesthetic contemplation. I admire Bruce Benson’s suggestion that, as an artist continues to develop skill, meaning and purpose, the artist becomes a more mindful, more whole person in the process. Benson’s expression is a worthy goal to strive for, whatever a person’s vocation may be.


University of Missouri-Columbia BFA, Painting, Printmaking 1992 – 1997
Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute Certificate of Theological Studies 1990 – 1992

Always Try to Learn More 

Artists and Writers Workshop; Fort Collins, Colorado, Summer 2014

United Adoration Songwriters' Retreat; Oak Park, Illinois, September 2014

Ruminate Writer's Retreat; Fort Collins, Colorado, Fall 2012 (description)

"All About Pens" Kelley Kilmer Workshop; LaPorte, Colorado, 2012

Transforming Culture; Austin, Texas, 2008

Watercolor, Trinidad State Junior College; Trinidad, Colorado 2005

Shows, Awards, Memberships

  • Inclusion of "Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending" and "Annunciation" in group exhibit at Grace Commons Church in Boulder, Colorado, December 2021.

  • Inclusion of "He Will Swallow Up Death Forever" and "Confessions" in Advent Exhibit at St Andrew Church Highlands Ranch, Colorado, December 2021.

  • Inclusion of "Refuge, Psalm 46" in the Reflections on the Psalms exhibit at Bridge Gallery Fall 2021; Littleton, Colorado.

  • Inclusion in Edge of Faith magazine's August 2021 Art Issue.

  • Inclusion of "Needs" and "Small" in the Suspension juried exhibit at the Gallery at Fellowship Denver Church, Spring 2021, Denver, Colorado.

  • Inclusion of "Golden Mean River III" in the Deep Breath group exhibit with Christos Collective at Bridge Gallery Fall 2020; Littleton, Colorado.

  • "All is Not Lost" group exhibit, Back Alley Gallery, Denver; February 2020

  • Inclusion of "Golden Mean River III" in To Flourish juried art exhibit, Four Chapter Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri; fall 2019.

  • Inclusion of "Christ Risen" in Resurrection group art exhibit with Christos Collective, Fall 2019 at Bridge Gallery; Littleton, Colorado. 

  • "Calling" group art exhibit with Christos Collective, Fellowship Denver Church, Denver; Summer 2019.

  • "The Cross and the Resurrection" group art exhibit with Christos Collective, Four Chapter Gallery, Kansas City; Spring 2019.

  • Inclusion of "I my phone" in Juried Exhibition at the Littleton Museum, Littleton Colorado; November 15 2018 - January 6 2019.

  • "The Fruit of the Spirit" Collaborative Collection and "Current" group art exhibit with Christos Collective, Bridge Gallery, Littleton, Colorado; fall 2018.

  • Inclusion of "Christ Carrying the Cross" in "The Cross" group art exhibit with Christos Collective, January - May 2018 at Bridge Gallery; Littleton, Colorado. 

  • "Reclaim" group art exhibit with Christos Collective at various locations in the Kansas City area including Four Chapter Gallery; summer 2017.

  • Member, Christos Collective; Denver, Colorado 2014 - Present

  • "Current" group art exhibit with Christos Collective at Artwork Network Gallery in Denver, Colorado; March 3 - April 3, 2017.​

  • Group art exhibit at Colorado Christian University Library 2016-2019; Lakewood, Colorado.

  • "Choice, Chance, Trust" group show with Christos Collective at Bridge Gallery; Littleton, Colorado fall 2016

  • "Reclaim" group show with Christos Collective, Gallery Nine-Seventy, Loveland, Colorado; December 31 - January 23rd, 2016

  • "Reclaim" group show with Christos Collective at Bridge Gallery; Littleton Colorado, fall 2015

  • "Presence" group show with Christos Collective, Core Gallery Annex; Denver, May 28-June 14 2015

  • Solo exhibit at Everyday Joe's Coffee shop; Fort Collins, Colorado, 2010

  • "Color in a Bottle" solo show at COCOA gallery; Willow Street Fort Collins November 2008.

  • Second in Watercolor, Thompson Valley Art League; Loveland, Colorado, 2008

  • Member, COCOA, (Colorado Coalition of Artists); Fort Collins, Colorado 2006-2008

  • First Place, TALAS show; Trinidad, Colorado, 2005

  • Member, Corazon Gallery (Co-op); Trinidad Colorado 2001 - 2005

  • Solo show, Trinidad Brewing Company, Trinidad, Colorado May 2005

  • Inclusion in "The Art of the Paper Plate" exhibit at New York Museum of Art and Design (top 100 out of 10,0000), 2003