Lament to Hope:

How the Pandemic Affects Us; A Journaling Activity

Here is an idea of how to process the loss we are all experiencing. First, write a list of the things that got canceled, changed, postponed, ruined, etc. It is ok to mourn these things! Then using opaque acrylic paint (you could even use some old house paint or whatever you have on hand), paint over the list of sad things. Then write a new list of things that maybe would not have happened in these circumstances. My response includes the list we made as a family (and we took a week to think and write about this list) but a person could also just write individual frustrations and sad things. My response is from my viewpoint and does not include the front lines of healthcare. All feelings are valid and processing can often be a helpful activity. If you care to share a finished piece hashtag #covid19lamenttohope


Some tips: 1. For pens I always choose Uniball Vision because the ink is waterproof and can write nicely on top of many surfaces - it's good to use permanent ink to write your list. 2. For your 3 words at the end, if you don't have a paint pen you can use Sharpie. 3. Watch out for markers with xylene, those ones are bad for you. 4. If, during this activity, your paper is saturated, put it between some sheets of scrap paper and stack some books on it for about 20 minutes, so it will dry flat. 


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