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Art on display for Advent at Bear Creek Church in Denver

Upcoming: Bitfactory, March 2024


Social Media

For upcoming shows and events or to see how Jennifer's art evolves day-to-day, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram.


Do you like to relieve stress by coloring? Try Jennifer's Doodlio Divina coloring pages available on Etsy. 


Most of the pieces on this site are for sale. To inquire please fill out this form and please indicate the piece you are interested in. If you write as if you are a robot, we will assume that you are a robot. If you have interest in commission work, or have any other questions regarding the artwork of Jennifer Bunge, please contact the artist via this form. 

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Didn't everyone experiment with videos in 2020?
Click on this image to see a video about prayer and uncertainty Jennifer made with her family in spring 2020.

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